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Demi the Demoness
Real Name: Demi
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Immune to Heat or Cold
Limited flight
Able to take lots of damage
Sexual Magic Powers
Charisma Aura

Demi is naive and easily tricked. She is too trusting of what others tell her. Magic can harm or weaken her.

Demi was born in Hell and raised in a secret sanctuary called the Rookery. Once the Rookery was attacked by other Demons, Demi escaped and hid in the pyramid of Kit-Ra, a cat goddess who had been banished to Hell.

Demi & Kit-Ra became close friends and Demi has used the pyramid as her base of operations. She has visited many different worlds and times, using the hall of magic mirrors that are also in the pyramid.

Demi has appeared in over 30 comics, has a trading card set, a resin model kit, and her adventures were even filmed as a live-action movie in 2008. Her first issue came out in 1992 from Revolutionary Comics, and at this point, she is one of the longest continually running adult comic characters in the U.S.

First Appearance: Demi the Demoness (1992) #1

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
Demi Hardcore (1999)
Demi the Demoness (1992)
Demi the Demoness & Vampirooni (2006)
Demi's Adventure Special (1995)
Demi's Pin-up Diary (2007)
Demi's Strange Bedfellows (2001)
Demi's Wild Kingdom Adventure (2000)
Demi/Cassiopeia Crossover (1997)
Pantheon (1995)
Rear Entry (2002)
Roxy Ramjet: Girl Meets Tentacle (2010)
Sex Squad (2002)
The Crimson Gash Meets Demi the Demoness (2008)
True Stories of Adult Film Stars: Tracey Adams (1995)

Group Affiliation(s):

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"Geey Peezy - What's going on back there?"

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