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Real Name: Franky Lafayette
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None, but he is a smart, skilled and tenacious fighter. Who sports a complete bodysuit made of chain mail. Walking cane fitted with power grappling line.

Born in 1963, Franky Lafayette, the son of "Lips" Lafayette, was a young criminal in the "bottoms up" section of Indigo City. In 1969 Franky and Johnny Apollo, both six years old, stole a gun, which Franky used to save Johnny Apollo from the "The Lure".
As Teenagers, Franky and Johnny were young high school delinquents, selling tijuana bibles and stolen fireworks. They worked for a gangster named Carmine Carbone (who, unbeknownst to Franky, is his father). At one time Franky and Plato Plutarch, a high school honor student, worked to save Candice "Candi" (Jail Bait) Lovelace and went head to head with "Spats Katz" (a rival of Carmine). At this time, Plato called in a couple of favors and give Franky a chain mail Greyshirt. As full-fledged gangsters, the team-up inspired a long running comic book series named "Hoodlum Hit".
But in 1989 thing started going down. Franky Lafayette's mother was pregnant again with Catherine and later gave her up for adoption. Carmine Carbone was sent to prison for 20 years. Singer and whore with a heart of gold Ella Bly who knew Franky before he became Greyshirt, wrote a song called "The Ballad of Franky & Johnny".

Their partnership ended when Johnny turned on Franky and later engineered an explosion that apparently killed them both.

However, Johnny was 'saved' by 'The Lure' and Franky was saved by Rockefeller Patel, "The Buddha of Indigo City" a deeply spiritual Nepalese monk with a keen sense of service and sacrifice, who lived under the old Indigo City Central Gas Station and the tunnels under the city.
After recovering for two weeks, Franky decides to adopt the identity of Greyshirt, a masked private investigator. He dons a formal suit with a red handkerchief, to hide his broken nose, and a chain mail shirt that protects him from blows, knife attacks, and even partially from bullets and bombs.

Greyshirt solves kidnappings, saves the city from "Baby Einstein", and fights old enemies gangsters like "Chucky Frisco" and "Vinnie Assapunto". He also encounters "Spats Katz", now a wheelchair-bound old man who was killed by an old caretaker, and the mysterious monster named "The Lure" who lives in the jewel mines under Indigo City and stole Johnny Apollo's soul. To stop Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party reborn as an ant.


First Appearance: Tomorrow Stories (1999) #1

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Issue Appearances:
¦wiat komiksu (1998)
ABC: A-Z, Greyshirt and Cobweb (2006)
ABC: A-Z, Tom Strong and Jack B. Quick (2005)
America's Best Comics (2000)
America's Best Comics (2004)
America's Best Comics Preview (1999)
America's Best Comics Primer (2008)
America's Best Comics Sketchbook (2001)
America's Best Comics Special (2001)
Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset (2001)
Promethea (1999)
Tom Strong (1999)
Tomorrow Stories (1999)
Tomorrow Stories Special (2006)

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