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Dean Winchester

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Due to his father's training and his years of experience, Dean has several notable advantages for a human and is a formidable hunter and combatant. He is superbly proficient in hand-to-hand/close quarters combat and has demonstrated proficiency in knife fighting as well, using a blade on several occasions. He is an exceptional shot, capable of achieving excellent accuracy with most weapons, and is well-versed in the use of multiple types of firearms, although he prefers his Colt 1911 and sawn-off shotgun. He also possesses considerable demolitions training and apparently is knowledgable in the science of chemistry, as he has been shown to be capable of making improvised explosive devices through the use of common chemicals. Dean is extremely proficient at tracking, hunting and killing various supernatural creatures and has considerable knowledge of these creatures, their habits, weaknesses, appearance, ways of disguising themselves among humans, methods of killing, and where they normally prefer to live and hunt.

He values his family and their safety more than anything else, even going so far as to kill a demon and its human host in order to save Sam's life, as well as sell his own soul to save Sam's life. Sam is often used as bait by Demons to lure Dean into traps.

Dean was born on January 24, 1979 to John and Mary Winchester. He was the couple's first-born child and elder son, four years older than his younger brother, Sam.

After his mother was killed, Dean's father, John, took the two boys away from their hometown. Training them as if they were soldiers, John taught them all the knowledge he aquired about supernatural beings and evil creatures.

While Sam wanted only to have a normal life, Dean embraced the life of a Hunter. He enjoys killing monsters, so much so that he often has violent outbursts as he fights them, smiling when they finally die.

In addition to his combat skills, Dean is a skilled driver and a accomplished mechanic. He knows the inner workings of the Impala so well that he can often detect when something is wrong with his "baby" merely by listening closely.

He has demonstrated great proficiency at reading and manipulating people and assessing a given situation through observation, is a competent con artist, and is knowledgable in how police, the fire department and various other agencies-such as the FBI, Home Land Security and Center for Disease Control operate and respond to emergencies. Dean is also highly adept at escape and evasion, and can effectively remain unseen and move silently when the situation requires stealth. He is highly resourceful as well, is capable of quickly disabling and hacking various electronic devices-such as home security systems-and can quickly bypass (pick) most standard locks.

Dean prefers to listen to classic rock music, mostly (but not limited to)Metalica.

First Appearance: Supernatural: Origins (2007) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Supernatural (2011)
Supernatural: Beginning's End (2010)
Supernatural: Origins (2007)
Supernatural: Rising Son (2008)

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""Demons, I get... but people are crazy.""

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