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John Winchester

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Weapons Training, knowledge of supernatural beings.

During the search for the 'thing' that killed his wife, he often got too eager to discover the truth of what it was, landing him in several dangerous situations.

When his wife, Mary, was killed, John was the one who discovered her body. Scarred by what he saw, and narrowly escaping the fire that seemed to come from his wife's corpse and burned down their house, John knew something horrible was responsible.

Seeking guidance from a local psychic, he was told for the first time that evil creatures were loose in the world, and among them were Demons from Hell itself.

Armed with this knowledge, John took his two children, Sam and Dean, away from their hometown on a search for the demon who killed his wife.

As years went by, he trained the two boys as if they were soldiers, watching them grow up to be strong Hunters. He taught them all he knew about the many types of creatures and monsters, and hoped that the three of them together could someday find and kill the "Yellow-Eyed Demon" who took his beloved Mary away from him.

Twenty two years after Mary's death, John disappears, causing Dean to seek out Sam at Stanford University to help find him. The brothers are able to track him to Jericho, California. They then follow a set of coordinates they find amongst their father's things, thinking they might lead them to John. When the brothers return to their childhood home after Sam has precognitive dreams, they leave a message for John on his voicemail. John tracks them in Kansas, but does not reveal his presence while staying with the psychic Missouri Moseley.

John finally visits the brothers in Chicago, Illinois. Meg, a woman possessed by one of Azazel's children, reveals that Azazel is after John. After defeating the daeva, the brothers split up from their father to keep him from Meg and Azazel. John meets back up with his sons when his old mentor, vampire hunter Daniel Elkins, is murdered. It turns out that the vampires that killed him also stole the Colt, a gun that can kill anything. The brothers and John succeed in getting the gun back and decide to go after the demon together.

When Meg threatens to kill their friends unless they deliver The Colt, John gives her a fake gun and is captured. The brothers end up rescuing him, but he becomes possessed by Azazel and attacks. However, John manages to resist, freeing Sam from his telekinetic control. Sam manages to get the Colt and shoots him in the leg, temporarily subduing the demon. John begs Sam to shoot and kill him so that Azazel will die, too, but Sam can't bring himself to do it. To John's dismay, Azazel then escapes. As the Winchesters later flee the scene in Dean's 1967 Impala, a man possessed by a demon hits them with a semi truck.

Although he loves both sons equally, John has an easier relationship with Dean than Sam. Dean obeys John's every order, while Sam tends to question him more than follow him. Dean was also the son who never strayed from the path his father chose for him, while Sam went away to go to college and try to have a normal life.

First Appearance: Supernatural: Origins (2007) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Supernatural: Beginning's End (2010)
Supernatural: Origins (2007)
Supernatural: Rising Son (2008)

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