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Sam Winchester

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Mysterious psychic powers (Visions of Death) once thought to be connected to the "Yellow-Eyed" demon who killed his mother.
He has also been trained to use many different forms of weapons in order to fight off the supernatural forces.

Sam and his brother, Dean, are very important to one another. This is a fact known all too well by Demons, as his brother is often used as bait to lure Sam into dangerous situations.

Sam's mother was killed when he was just a baby; she was murdered and pinned to the ceiling above his crib, her blood dripping down onto him. When a great fire erupted from his mother's body, Sam's father tasked Dean, still a small child, with rushing baby Sam out of their burning home, and to safety.

Years go by and Sam's father, John Winchester, becomes obsessed with finding the thing that killed his beloved Mary. John trained Sam and Dean as if they were soldiers: teaching them in hand-to-hand combat, giving them weapons training, and showing them the most effective methods of hunting the various evil creatures that roam the Earth.

Eventually deciding to reject the ways of a Hunter, Sam walked away from his family in hopes of going to college and becoming a lawyer. A terrible trajedy soon leads to him hitting the road with Dean in their father's old 1967 Chevy Impala, hoping to track down their missing dad.

Dean often notes how Sam's unusual powers make him feel uneasy, as neither of them truly understand how or why he gained them. Sam also sees the shades of grey while hunting supernatural creatures. While Dean believes all such abominations should be taken out of the picture, Sam sees how some might deserve to live. One example of this is when they come across a nest of non-violent Vampires who feed off of cattle rather than humans. Sam was able to understand that they just wanted to live in peace, while Dean believed they should be slaughtered.

First Appearance: Supernatural: Origins (2007) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Supernatural (2011)
Supernatural: Beginning's End (2010)
Supernatural: Origins (2007)
Supernatural: Rising Son (2008)

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