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Wind Dancer (Marvel)
Real Name: Sofia Mantega
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Wind Dancer can manipulate the wind in order to fly. She can also use wind to draw far away sounds to her.

Sofía was born, and lived most of her life in Caracas, Venezuela. While she developed her powers with little incident, her life fell apart the day her mother was killed in a riot in town. Her uncle claimed he "had not the patience to raise a mutant" (though not to her face) and sent her to her father (who had been unaware of her existence) in Colorado, United States, the head of a major American supermarket chain. Her enthusiasm at finally meeting him was quickly dampened by his cold manner. Setting three ground rules - she would learn English before school started, she would get good grades, and she would not use her mutant power. In return for these, and not bothering him, he would ensure she would want for nothing.

Three weeks later, in early January, she joined the school, but had difficulty fitting in. By her birthday in May, despite her best efforts, she still had no friends at the school, and her father didn't even know it was her birthday (unlike his butler Derek, the only person who had any time for her). After hearing someone say that no one liked her behind her back after lying that they were busy, she finally snapped. Going to one of her father's stores, she let loose a hurricane inside it, completely wrecking it before collapsing into a fetal position, where the police found her and arrested her. Her father visited her in jail. Asking her why she'd done it, she weakly replied that it was to see whether he'd notice, and that she'd made sure no one was hurt. Intending to leaving her in prison for 48 hours before dropping the charges, and planning on a second paternity test to make sure he was not her father before sending her back to Venezuela, he was confronted by Danielle Moonstar. Having seen what Sofía had done on the news, she "persuaded" him to release Sofía into her custody so that she could take her to the Xavier Institute, then talked Sofía herself into going. After saying goodbye to Derek, they went onward to Xavier's.

There, she finally began to become part of a group, and the group that would become the New Mutants squad formed around her. One of her first friendships was with the mutant Wallflower. She did not want any roommates because of her power of pheromones altering people's feelings towards her. Sofia demonstrates that her wind abilities would make sure no pheromones reach her and thus, any emotions would truly be her own.

When Prodigy rejected the role of leadership, Sofía took it, but became isolated and irritable when she proved unsuited to the task. Her command decisions weakened further when Kevin Ford was arrested, and she briefly sided with the Hellions. After the New Mutants fought the Hellions over the incident, Prodigy talked her into letting Kevin go, and she talked him into leading the team. Afterward, however, he was still reluctant, but agreed to be co-leader with Sofía, to better mesh their strengths. Thereafter, Sofía's temper eased again until the school dance, where she caught Laurie manipulating Prodigy to make her ex-boyfriend Elixir jealous. Alarmed by the rapid disintegration of the squad, she found herself kissing Hellion, to whom she'd reluctantly been drawn since her arrival at the Institute, and he pushed her to end the in-fighting since she was the one who saw the good in everyone - even him. She tried to do so by forcing everyone to get together for a camp-out on the X-Mansion grounds and she pushing events along as best she could, refusing to give up and eventually managing to reunite the squad.

Sofia was among the students at Xavier's to lose their powers during M-Day. Along with most of the de-powered students, she moved out of the mansion and was to return to Venezuela with her father's former man-servant. She also ended her relationship with Julian Keller.

Yet for unknown reasons, Sofia moved to New York City, where she lived alone and worked as a waitress. She felt directionless in her new "normal" life and had nightmares about the trauma of losing her powers. Around that time Sofia began to receive strange messages from a group calling itself the New Warriors. The group sent a messenger whom Sofia recognized as Barry, a young man she knew (and flirted with) from the restaurant. Sofia was angry until Barry explained that he was a de-powered mutant like her, and was actually her old friend from the Xavier Institute, Beak. Beak then transported Sofia into the secret base of the New Warriors, where she was introduced to Night Thrasher. Sofia refused Night Thrasher's offer, mentioning the fact that she doesn't have her powers as a reason. She recently had another dream where she fought alongside both the X-Men and her former teammates and later {during her restaurant work} was talking with Jubilee, who demonstrated why she has joined the Warriors.

Depowered during M-Day. No longer a student at Xavier's.

First Appearance: New Mutants (2003) #1

Other Identities:

Favorite Characters:
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Issue Appearances:
House of M (2005)
New Mutants (2003)
New Warriors (2007)
New X-Men (2004)
New X-Men: Academy X Yearbook (2005)
X-Men (1991)
X-Men/Fantastic Four (2005)

Group Affiliation(s):
New Mutants Squad (Marvel)
New Warriors (Marvel)
Xavier Institute Students (Marvel)

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