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Bones Bullinger

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Bones Bullinger was a shady businessman who was under investigation by detective Matt Carter. Bullinger, using the legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Headless Horseman, donned a costume of The Horseman and was able to scare Matt into driving his car off a cliff, killing him.

What Bullinger didn't plan on, was that Matt's wife would have suspicions about his death, and that Matt's best friend Duke Durbano, who was a private investigator, would take up the case of his death.

Bullinger hired three hitmen from New York to kill both Kim and Duke. Thinking the job successful, Bullinger now simply had to get rid of the three hitmen so that no trails would lead back to him. He once again put on the Horseman costume, and attack the hitmen on the road after they had just finished a high speed chase with Duke, resulting in Duke's car going over a cliff. Bullinger was able to scare the hitmen into swerving and driving into the side of the cliff. The car exploded, killing all the men inside.

He then turned to see Duke pulling himself up over the edge of the cliff. He attacked Duke, planning to kill him, but failed.

Duke put two and two together and realized that Bullinger must be impersonating The Headless Horseman, and broke into his office to prove it. He found Bullinger's costume behind a fake panel, and left for Kim's house to call the police.

On his way to Kim's, Duke had to pass through Sleepy Hollow, where he was attacked by the real Headless Horseman. Still thinking it was Bullinger, Duke tried to force him off a bridge, but his car went over instead. He was able to escape and tell the police of Bullinger and The Horseman.

The police had thier suspicions and doubts about Duke's story, having found Bullinger's body hours before, dead of a heart attack behind his office, meaning it couldn't have been Bullinger who attacked Duke.

It's widely assumed the real Horseman visited Bullinger that night, and literally scared him to death.


First Appearance: Supernatural Thrillers (1972) #6

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Issue Appearances:
Supernatural Thrillers (1972)

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