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Overlord (Marvel)
Real Name:
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The Overlord is a mutant who claims that no army or weapon ever created can slay him. He seemed to back it up considering he conquered the universe, and killed everything in it except his slaves. He destroyed advanced races like that on Zenna-La, and planets like Earth that have super-powered heroes. He displayed phenomenal strength, firing powerful energy blasts, as well as shrugging off blasts from the Silver Surfer.

The Overlord's father was a chief of research at an atomic testing center sometime in the 45th Century on the planet Dakkam. There was a terrible accident due to his inexperience with "old-time atomics." He survived, but his son was born a horribly ugly mutant. The child grew rapidly and gained super strength as well. By the time he reached maturity, he was a giant. Through unspecified circumstances, his parents died, and without them to keep him in check, the giant went rampaging. The people of his planet wanted to exile him into space, but when they tried, he destroyed his whole planet in a matter of hours. He then set out to conquer the universe.

The Surfer gets an idea from the notes of his friend, Al Harper, who died disarming the Stranger's Null-Life Bomb, on how to escape the barrier that Galactus had placed around Earth to trap Surfer on Earth. He figures that if he goes faster than the speed of light he would travel foreword in time to a time where perhaps there was no barrier. He succeeded, but found Earth in ruins. He then flies off to his world of Zenna-la, but finds it is also destroyed. He searches countless worlds, but finds that there is no life in the universe in this time.

Then, he finds one world that has life on it. He finds ape like savages, who decide to capture the Surfer for the Overlord. Seeing no reason to live, he allows himself to be captured by some soldiers and is taken before a giant monstrous humanoid. He introduces himself as the Overlord and tells Surfer of how he destroyed all life in the Universe. The Surfer attacks the Overlord, but when a guard tries to defend his master, the Overlord kills him with an energy blast, wanting the Surfer for himself. Overlord then has his slaves bring him giant food and drink, and then watches as the slaves fight over the scraps. the Surfer is about to attack again, but he sees a dancer that looks like his love, Shalla Bal. He flies to rescue her, but she is also killed by the Overlord. The Overlord then knocks out the Surfer from behind while Surfer was trying to save some dancers from a collapsing wall. The Surfer is taken to have his life energy power the machinery of the Overlord's complex, but is rescued by the last survivor of Zenna-La, who tells him of the Overlord's origin. When he is done, some guards burst in and kill the last survivor of Zenna-La.

The Surfer dashes out and flies past the speed of light in the other direction, and goes back in time to before the nuclear explosion responsible for the Overlord's mutation and prevents the accident from happening. Thus the Overlord was never a mutant, and the whole ordeal was undone. The Surfer then goes back to his own time and is once more trapped within Earth's barrier.


First Appearance: Silver Surfer (1968) #6

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Issue Appearances:
Marvel Legacy: The 1960's Handbook (2006)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Silver Surfer (1968)

Group Affiliation(s):

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