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Skids (Marvel)
Real Name: Sally Blevins
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Sally Blevins has a personal protective deflection field that provides nearly total protection from all attacks. Her force field disperses energy assaults, reflects kinetic impact off itself, and even negates friction, making it impossible for anyone to hold on to her. Therefore, Skids cannot be grabbed or entangled and can move at moderate speeds by "skating" the surface of her force field across the ground. If Skids concentrates, she can extend her force field to protect others in her immediate area.
+ Agility
+ Energy Shield
+ Force Field
+ Intellect
+ Stamina
+ Unarmed Combat

ittle has been revealed of Sally Blevins' past. It is known that her power first manifested itself after she was abused by her stepfather. Her mother is deceased and the current whereabouts of her step father is unknown (X-Factor issue 16). She ended up a runaway, living on, or rather under, the streets with the Morlocks, a group of homeless mutants. Most Morlocks voluntarily (or, in some cases, involuntarily) took on inhuman appearances at the hands of the Morlock facial sculptor, Masque. Sally's force field protected her from Masque's power, allowing her to maintain her normal appearance, leading to resentment from some Morlocks. At one point, Skids encountered Rusty Collins, who was being pursued by the Freedom Force (government-chartered mutant enforcers composed of former members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) and a mob of mutant-hating humans. Rusty had accidentally injured a woman with his pyrokinetic powers and was wanted by the U.S Government. Skids' force field allowed the two to easily escape, but were eventually overtaken by the Freedom Force on the edge of Central Park.

Before the evil mutants could take them in, a mob of humans attacked the Freedom Force. In the confusion, Skids and Rusty escaped. Skids tried to get Rusty to the safety of the underground home of the Morlocks, but the Freedom Force caught up with them again, this time in the sewers beneath New York. The Force member Blob was pounding Rusty into the sewer wall when the mutant hero team X-Factor arrived. After a brief skirmish, Freedom Force retreated. With X-Factor's mentorship, Skids and Rusty began to learn more about their powers, and were the first of several X-Factor trainees. They shared other adventures alongside the rest of X-Factor's trainees, at one point calling themselves the X-Terminators.

During the Inferno storyline, the X-Terminators teamed up with the New Mutants to help rescue mutant babies from N'astirh, who was using them to help keep open a portal to Limbo. At the conclusion of Inferno, Skids joined the New Mutants, along with Rusty, Rictor and Boom Boom. Skids and Rusty, however, learned instead that Freedom Force were taking mutant infants that were abducted during the demonic invasion into government custody. Rusty and Skids were separated from the group for some time. Freedom Force surrounded them at the Statue of Liberty island. Skids' force field blocks their attacks but they simply wait until pure exhaustion drops her. Rusty's flames are neutralized by the Freedom Force member Pyro, who can control any flames generated by another source.

The other New Mutants were unable to rescue their friends due to their concurrent adventures. Due to a fight with Nitro and Vulture, Rusty was brought back into the sights of Freedom Force. While attempting to escape, he was severely injured by the Blob. While recovering in the hospital, he and Skids were contacted by members of the Mutant Liberation Front. With soldiers opening fire on them, they felt there was no other choice than to join them.

Shortly thereafter, Rusty and Skids were brainwashed by Stryfe into following him blindly. Due to this, Rusty and Skids had no qualms about attacking former teammate Cannonball during the X-Cutioner's Song storyline. At the end of this story, the Mutant Liberation Front were turned into the authorities.

Shortly after, Rusty and Skids were kidnapped by the Friends of Humanity. While being transported, X-Force (the team created by the former members of the New Mutants), rescued them. Arriving back at their base, X-Force was soon confronted by Exodus. He was inviting original New Mutants Cannonball and Sunspot to Avalon, a "safe haven" for selected mutants. Cannonball refused to go unless all former New Mutants present (Boom Boom, Rictor, Rusty and Skids) were invited also. While Exodus complained that Rusty and Skids were "damaged" due to their brainwashing, he finally acquiesced.

Upon arriving at Avalon, the mutants were taken to "the Savior" (in reality Magneto), who used his powers to undo the brainwashing done to Rusty and Skids. When X-Force arrived to save their friends, Rusty and Skids decided they would stay with Magneto, feeling that they owed him. With thus being done, they joined the Acolytes. Shortly after the Age of Apocalypse storyline, a mutant body (Holocaust) was discovered floating in space near Avalon. It was brought on board. While on guard duty watching over the thought-to-be frozen body, Rusty's life force was drained by Holocaust, killing him. Holocaust then destroyed the Avalon space station leaving Skids stranded on a piece of debris plummeting away from the station, struggling to maintain her force field. Skids was rescued by Jean Grey and taken to the X-Men's mansion for medical attention. Upon recuperation, Skids left the mansion without being noticed.

Skids had become a college student, studying biological sciences. She was contacted by her friends of the New Mutants who had long since become members of the team X-Force, but they were all attacked by the villain Reignfire, who was then leading an incarnation of the Mutant Liberation Front. During the adventure, Skids' force field disrupted the teleportation abilities of MLF member Locus, causing both of them to be caught in a trans-spatial backlash which deposited them in the Balkan country of Latveria. Skids and Locus were then captured by an age-old sorceress named Pandemonia, the self-styled Queen of Chaos, who sought to recruit mutants into her own personal army. With the assistance of the young sorceress Jennifer Kale, X-Force managed to defeat Pandemonia and rescue their ally.

It is not known what Sally did in the months that followed. She might have returned to Boulder to finish her college education, despite her fellow students now knowing of her being a mutant, but she could also have transferred to another college. About a year after they last met, however, Skids was approached by fellow New Mutant and X-Force member, Sunspot, who by then was leading the Los Angeles branch of the X-Corporation - a worldwide network supporting mutants. Her reasons for accepting Sunspot’s offer to join, despite her earlier decision not to get involved in the never-ending struggles of mutantkind, have yet to be revealed. When a team of X-Men had a few run-ins with the mysterious villain Elias Bogan, they asked the X-Corporation for help. Bogan managed to get several X-Men under his mental hold, including Bishop. While fighting him, Sally learned that her power left her open to a specific form of attack; her force-field keeping things slippery, she couldn’t stop, once she started moving, or in this case spinning around, due to the small generator that Bishop had attached to her. Although Sally was taken out of the fight, the assembled heroes managed to defeat Bogan in the long run.

Not long thereafter, the tragedy known as M-Day struck the world rendering over 90% of Earth’s mutant population powerless. Although prepared and ready to live a “normal” life like no other, Sally found herself one of those whose powers were not affected. Several anti-mutant groups taking advantage of the situation and starting to hunt down the few mutants left, which is why Sally became one of the many mutants seeking refuge at the Xavier Institute. The mansion already overcrowded with staff and students, she was forced to sleep outside in the camp like dozens of other mutants, heroes and villains alike. These mutants have been dubbed “The 198,” after the number of mutants that the government knows to be still around. In the camp, Sally had to share a tent with Magma and Outlaw. During her time in the 198 camp, Sally became close friends with the Marauders, Arclight and Scalphunter, who were responsible for the murders of many of her Morlock friends.

The Xavier estate was soon visited by Apocalypse, who offered salvation for those that would drink his blood - right after he had his Horseman Famine, make them crave any sort of food or drink. Like most others, Sally was eager to accept it, though another former New Mutant, Karma, prevented her from consuming the red liquid. Skids still sided with Apocalypse when he was confronted by the X-Men, who successfully drove him away. Always offering a second chance, the X-Men gave Sally and the others the option of returning with them and being forgiven for their betrayal.

Most recently, she has turned up as a part of Masque's group of Morlocks, despite her past enmity towards Masque. She has become an alcoholic and did not do anything when Masque and Bliss decided to torture Leech, her former friend when they were X-Factor trainees. In Uncanny X-Men #488 Skids took part in Masque's plan to turn humans into mutants. They used Bliss's poison and turned it in to a type of bomb. Skids then boarded a subway train, placed the bomb in a cupboard, exited the train and detonated the bomb which released the poison, turning the passengers into disfigured mutants. Skids didn't seem happy to do it but did because she thought it would create a better future. Skids did not understand why Masque had to deform the humans on the train and how it would help them find Magneto.


First Appearance: X-Factor (1986) #7

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Cable (1993)
Cable - Blood and Metal (1992)
Cable: Second Genesis (1999)
Heroic Age: X-Men (2011)
Marvel Encyclopedia (2014)
Marvel Fanfare (1982)
Marvel Legacy: The 1990's Handbook (2007)
Marvel Limited: X-Men Famous Firsts (1995)
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X-Men (1991)
X-Men: Blue (2017)
X-Men: Odd Men Out (2008)
X-Men: The 198 (2006)
X-Terminators (1988)
X-Treme X-Men (2001)

Group Affiliation(s):
Acolytes (Marvel)
Morlocks (Marvel)
Mutant Liberation Front (Marvel)
New Mutants (Marvel)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel)
The 198 (Marvel)
X-Factor (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)
X-Terminators (Marvel)

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