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Timmain Shape-Changer
Real Name: Timmain
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Able to change her shape, completely and well-enough to actually breed, though her High-One/Elf blood ran at least partially true.

Weakened in her abilities when the Palace crashed to the World of Two Moons, though not as much as the other High Ones.

Pretty WasGrowler Highthing

Mate of Ayda; mother of Timmorn Yellow-Eyes and an unnamed daughter.

Timmain is a High One and the progenitor of the Wolfriders. When the elves "force landed" on Abode, she became provider, protector, and leader. Only Timmain mastered the art of tapping into the forces native to Abode, working to "sing into wholeness the crippled powers of her brethren." Timmain embraced nature's many forms, and shapechanged into many of the plants and animals of their new world. When world and weather grew harsher still, she sought aid from those who first taught her to hunt - the wolves.

Though it is hinted that Timmain may have Recognized Aerth and borne him an unnamed daughter, it is her son, Timmorn Yellow-Eyes, who was the child of change. Fathered by a true wolf, thus infusing wolf blood into the elfin line that would create the Wolfriders, Timmorn was brought as a young cub to his mother's people, after which Timmain disappeared, not to be seen again until her descendants found and recovered the Palace. Timmain considered both the wolves and the elves to be her children. Her fate now seems very much wrapped up in her progeny, most especially Skywise. There is speculation that the two are destined to Recognize.

Lost in the Now of Wolf-Thought whe was a lone wolf for thousands of years trapped in wolf-form.

First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
ElfQuest (1978)
ElfQuest (1985)
Elfquest Archives (2004)
ElfQuest: Hidden Years (1992)
ElfQuest: Kings of the Broken Wheel (1990)
ElfQuest: Siege at Blue Mountain (1987)
ElfQuest: The Discovery (2006)
Elfquest: The Grand Quest (2004)
Elfquest: The Searcher and the Sword (2004)
The Complete Elfquest (1988)

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