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Real Name:
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The Mutant-Master's true form was a cephalopod creature with ten tentacles, two of which had five smaller tentacles on their ends, resulting in hand-like appendages. Its tentacles were covered with suction-discs. He was proficient with his race's advanced technology. Not including his tentacles, his body was roughly six feet tall.

As the Mutant-Master, he wore a robot-like exoskeleton to appear human. In most cases his costume required that he remain seated within his mobile platform (with only his "arms, shoulders, and head" showing, though on at least one occasion he employed a cloaked costume in which he could pass as a human walking around. His mobile platform contained a number of weapons, including lasers, detonators for pre-placed explosives, an expanding force field, etc., and it enabled him to travel via directed hovering.

He used a number of bases stocked with advanced weaponry. His primary base was the a giant mobile floating sphere which appeared to be a giant rock, and was invisible to radar. His technology included his androids (armed with hand-held weapons); the Arachnoids (spider-like warriors armed with paralysis and destructive rays);Magno-Disks, egg-shaped flying crafts; the Oblivio-Ray machine, a will-destroying device; a Predicto-Scope, a device for displaying possible future events; a robot armed with a machine gun and a flame-thrower; a small yet lethal explosive device able to be discharged remotely or if tampered with; large telescreens used to monitor the operations of Factor Three and their enemies; a multiple viewscreen monitor; an invisible-force hemisphere; a stun-ray; transparent prison cylinders; sleep-mist; an ultra-high frequency radio generator (which transmitted directly to mutants); a power-inhibiting control helmet; and a shock-ray. He presumably traveled to Earth via a warp-drive starship.

Mutant Master was a member of the supervillain team, Factor Three. He was also a member of the Siris race and once on Earth he posed as mutant human. He secretly sought to trigger a war between the USA and what was then known as the USSR to wipe out the human race. However his followers turned against him when he was exposed as being an alien and to avoid capture he committed suicide


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1963) #37

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Issue Appearances:
Die X-Männer gegen die Spinne (2015)
The Very Best of the X-Men (1994)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)

Group Affiliation(s):
Factor Three

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