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Real Name:
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Mogol was superhumanly strong (Class 75-100) and durable, able to go blow-for-blow with the Hulk. He was particularly vulnerable to a heat beam; once damaged, he had the durability of normal steel. He was unaware of his past, including the fact that he was a robot. He appeared to be intelligent though it may have just been his programming.

Mogol may have been designed by Tyrannus or his agents, or obtained from another source, pre-programmed.

Tyrannus sent Mogol to recruit the Hulk to assist in his renewed war against the Mole Man. Tyrannus teleported him to the Earth's surface, where he introduced himself to the Hulk, who attacked him upon hearing who had sent him. After a short (though brutal) struggle, Mogol convinced the Hulk that they were nearly equals and should be friends. Tyrannus teleported them both to his realm, and Mogol convinced the Hulk to follow Tyrannus' instructions, working in the construction of a fortress and a mechanized army within hours.

The Hulk and Mogol led the struggle, but not long after it had begun, Mogol was blasted in the arm by one of the Moloids, revealing machinery beneath the surface. Mogol was as surprised to learn he was a robot as the Hulk was. However, having been attacked by many robots serving his enemies in the past, the Hulk determined that Mogol had been sent to trick him. Angrily, the Hulk attacked Mogol, who offered no resistance, instead trying only to convince the Hulk that he truly wished to be his friend. The Hulk ripped him in half, but Mogol still tried to calm his former friend. The Hulk then shattered Mogol's form, leaving only his command center, a small box, that still pleaded with the Hulk that he was his friend. Unheeding, the Hulk ground the box into powder, silencing Mogol's voice forever.

Enraged, the Hulk returned to Tyrannus' kingdom, devastating it with a shockwave caused by a stomp of his foot. Too late, the Hulk realized that Mogol might have been telling the truth all along, and that Mogol might have been his only friend.


First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk (1968) #127

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Issue Appearances:
Herb Trimpe's The Incredible Hulk Artist's Edition (2015)
Hulk (1981)
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
The Incredible Hulk (1968)
World War Hulk: Gamma Files (2007)

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