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Twitch Williams
Real Name: Maximilian Steven Percival 'Twitch' Williams III
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In this duo of detectives Twitch is mainly seen as the "brains" of the group. He is the one who usually solves or puts the pieces together in the rare crimes the detectives encounter. A brilliant mathematician who excelled at trigonometry, he has used his knowledge of angles to become an excellent marksman. A shooting prodigy, Twitch makes up for his small size with his ability to handle twin pistols with almost machine-like accuracy and efficiency. He earned the nickname "Twitch," as Sam once said, "because he doesn't, ever!" He refers to Sam Burke as "sir," as throughout the years Sam has, time and time again, earned his trust and respect. At the beginning of their story/comic book we find the two employed as a private investigation firm known as "Burke and Williams" however, this does not last, since the two are called back into duty by their old captain.

Twitch was once married and has several children, but due to his busy schedule with crime cases, his wife eventually divorced him, and denies him custody of his kids. This has a great emotional impact on Twitch, but does not seem to hinder him from his work. Twitch comes from a family with a proud tradition in law enforcement, his father and siblings all being cops themselves. Despite his reserved and soft-spoken manner, he is extremely passionate and proud of his job, in some ways more so than Sam. It is because of this that, despite his incredible intelligence, the apparent rampant corruption of the Police Department which he works for troubles him greatly. In some ways, Twitch is a little more naïve than the street-smart and more realistic Sam, and has had to deal with many harsh truths. Despite this, however, Twitch never loses his resolve to be a good cop, even amongst corruption and a city that generally doesn't trust the police. Twitch often makes better relations with people than his partner, due to his kinder, more thoughtful way with people.

Twitch has also battled against many super-human foes in his past. Of particular note is OvertKill, a monstrous, mafia-hired cyborg from the Spawn comic series. Despite OvertKill's seemingly-bulletproof exterior, Twitch was able to defeat him with a single, well-aimed bullet through OvertKill's ear canal. While Twitch lacks Sam's strength, size, and tenacity, he makes up for it with calm and collected nerves of steel and immensely quick thinking under pressure. Combined with his marksmanship, he's not one to be trifled with.


First Appearance: Spawn (1992) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Case Files: Sam and Twitch (2003)
Crusade of Comics Presents: Spawn (1992)
Curse of the Spawn (1996)
Hellspawn (2000)
Image Firsts: Spawn (2010)
Sam and Twitch (1999)
Sam and Twitch: The Writer (2010)
Spawn (1992)
Spawn (1997)
Spawn Bible (1996)
Spawn: Blood Feud (1995)
Spawn: Blood Feud (1998)
Spawn: Blood Feud (1999)
Spawn: Blood Feud - Blutfehde (2015)
Spawn: Movie Adaptation (1997)

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