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Brute (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Real Name: Henry McCoy
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Strength, speed and agility.

Lack of intelligence.

In the main Marvel Universe the X-Man Havok attempts to stop his friend Greystone from using a faulty time machine to return to his native timeline. However, the device explodes, and Havok finds himself transported to an alternate reality where he is the leader of a hero group called The Six. One of his teammates is a differently mutated Hank McCoy, who calls himself the Brute in this reality.

As a young scientist, Hank McCoy went to work for the Brand Corporation and was able to isolate a chemical catalyst for mutation. He used this chemical to mutate his body, but it went further than expected. Instead of the familiar furry simian-like form, he was mutated into a green, amphibious form and, as a consequence, lost his intelligence. As well as having superb agility and strength, Hank has webbed hands and can breathe underwater. He becomes further mutated during the Inferno crisis, when he makes a deal with the demons S'ym and N'astirh. But instead of helping him, the demons turn his lower body into that of a goat.

Brute's lack of intelligence sometimes becomes a liability. The Six once crashed in the Canadian wilderness and found themselves being hunted by members of The Pack (feral versions of Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Wild Child). The Brute had difficulty resisting his animal nature around them, even temporarily defecting to the Pack. However, in every instance his strength and fierce loyalty are an asset.

When the Goblyn Queen first ascend to power, she manipulates all the members of the Six (with the exception of Fallen who joins willingly), into serving her purpose. She uses Brute's feral side against him, making him a near-mindless beast in her service. Brute is the first to escape when Scotty Summers, the child of Havok and the Goblyn Queen, unknowingly frees Brute from the brainwashing. Brute attempts to rescue Scotty but fails, as the other members of the Six appear and defeat him. The Goblyn Queen, in a rare moment of sanity, allows Brute to take Scotty away to the X-Mansion. The rest of the team break free of the Gobyln Queen's influence and defeat her, choosing to remain with Havok and reform the team with the new goal of saving mutants from the crazed Nick Fury and SHIELD.

Later, Brute jumps in front of a psychic blast from an evil Professor X that was meant for Havok. This has the unexpected effect of restoring his intellect, and he remembers what had initially caused him to lose it. The Havok who was native to the reality had been having an illicit affair with Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four, cheating on his wife Madelyne Pryor. Maddie found solace in a meaningful friendship with Ice-Man, whom she couldn't be romantically involved with due to the nature of his powers. Havok ended his affair and became increasingly jealous of Ice-Man. Havok sabotaged the Brute's experiment which would have returned Ice-Man to his normal form causing it to explode in the Brute's face, thus giving him his childlike manner. With his intellect fully restored, the Brute tries to find a way to return Havok to his reality, to cure—as best he could—Bloodstorm and Gambit of their vampirism and to restore Ice-Man. Brute succeeds in all, but Havok opts not to return to the main Marvel Universe, as he has grown too close to his teammates. Sadly, the Brute's intelligence once more is lost as the after-effects of Xavier's blast wear off.

With the near destruction of the universe, it is unknown what becomes of the Brute. He is attacked by that reality's Dracula, and is hanging on by a thread. He is still between life and death when Havok leaves that reality.

In the back-up "Endangered Species" story for X-Factor #24, Beast (who is trying to undo the depowering of most of the world's mutants) views various alternate versions of himself trying to do the same thing in other realities. One of the realities features a version of Beast closely resembling the Brute, implying he survived Dracula's attack.


First Appearance: Mutant X (1998) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Mutant X (1998)
X-Factor (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
The Six (Marvel)(Mutant X)

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