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Wargod (Marvel)
Real Name: Mora Haggert
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Wargod possesses no superhuman abilities. In combat, she wears a suit of protective armor, and wields a powerful warclub that releases bursts of electricity. In her civilian identity, she carries a gas gun in her cigarettes.

Convinced of the military's supremacy, and that the military should be in control of the United States, Mora Hagert donned the Wargod costume to spread insurrection.

FBI agent Jake Bage came too close to learning the secrets behind her operations, so Wargod invaded his office and killed him. Before she could escape, Captain America arrived, and she knocked him out the window, giving her enough time to destroy Bage's files-- although she overlook a taped message which Captain America later uncovered, informing him that Wargod was involved in Able Electronics.

At Able Electronics, in her civilian identity, Mora attended a press conference with her father and his aide, Major Duner. Later that day, she and her men assaulted FBI agent X-4, who was protected by Captain America. Wargod resolved to deal with Captain America once and for all; as Mora, she attended a meeting between him and her father, then knocked him unconscious with a gas gun-cigarette.

While her men attempted to transport Captain America away, he revived, and defeated them. Mora's conversation with her men had been overheard by Major Duner, so he was taken captive. She also captured Senator Weason and her father, to use as hostages against Captain America when he invaded her base. The two fought again, with Wargod destroying the improvements Able Electronics had made to Captain America's shield that were meant to protect him from her warclub. Captain America seemed to surrender, but at the last minute, threw his shield at Wargod, knocking off her helmet. Her henchmen were held back by the freed Major Duner, and she was taken away.


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Marvel Comics Presents (1988)

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