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Meriem Cooper (Cavewoman)

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Cavewoman's body became "reinforced" due to her enhanced molecular structure. It was altered and enhanced by her Gramp, so she can survive the rigors of time travel. Meriem stands at 5'8", weighs 350 lbs, and possesses extraordinary strength and stamina. Not to mention a side effect of very large (32FF) breasts.

She is highly resistant to injury and an extremely powerful swimmer that can hold her breath for long periods when fighting underwater.

Meriem's strength also allows her to leap lengthy distances, such as between buildings in New York City.

Her enhanced molecular structure has a healing effect that quickly heals wounds over time. The effect is hastened when a lot of food is eaten and metabolised. The more food consumed, the more quick the healing.

She also has above average running speed, described as moving at "30 miles per hour".

Meriem's sense of smell and hearing are also enhanced. In addition, she has psychic powers, the limits of which have not been revealed. She can see Gramp as some kind of spirit who appears to her from time to time, offering advice and insight. No one can see or hear Gramp but Meriem. She has a psychic bond with Klyde and Harmony.

And she proved resistant to the effects of drowning, being capable of expelling water from her lungs, even when unconscious.

Cavewoman is a superhuman jungle goddess named Meriem Cecilbie Cooper. She was created by writer-artist Budd Root. And is the star of her own series of comics published primarily by Basement Comics and later by Caliber Comics and Avatar Press.

Meriem Cooper was rescued from an abusive mother at the age 6, and taken by her grandfather to a time machine programmed for the future. However, the time traveling device malfunctioned, causing them to accidentally travel back to the age of the Dinosaur. And left them trapped in the Cretaceous Period. After the death of her grandfather when she was 8, Meriem grew into a beautiful, large-chested, always scantily-clad, and barefoot woman who battles dinosaurs.

When others from her town of Marshville are transported to her time period when she is 19, Meriem becomes their guide and protector in the prehistoric world, leading most of the Marshville citizens safely to the Pangaean Sea.

Cavewoman's best friends are Harmony the T-Rex and Klyde the Gorilla.

In an 2002 interview creator Budd Root stated that "Meriem is quite a blend. She's patterned after pretty much all the women I really respect. She's got a body with kind of a Little Annie Fanny face with Danni Ashe's boobs and Nina Hartley's butt."

First Appearance: Cavewoman (1993) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Babes Fer 'Burgh-ers (2012)
Basement/Amryl Jam Book (2002)
Budd's Beauties & Beasts (2005)
Budd's Sketchbook of Sketchbook Sketches 2010 (2010)
Cavewoman (1993)
Cavewoman & Fiends (2008)
Cavewoman Color Special (1999)
Cavewoman Cover Gallery (2002)
Cavewoman Extinction (2010)
Cavewoman Jungle Jam (2006)
Cavewoman meets Explorers (1997)
Cavewoman Pool Party (2018)
Cavewoman Reloaded (2005)
Cavewoman the Mature Version (1998)
Cavewoman: 2014 20th Anniversary Show Book (2014)
Cavewoman: A Night Out (2010)
Cavewoman: All Natural (2011)
Cavewoman: Ankha's Revenge (2016)
Cavewoman: Bunny Ranch (2012)
Cavewoman: Castaway (2015)
Cavewoman: Deadly Venom (2014)
Cavewoman: Fallen (2014)
Cavewoman: Feeding Grounds (2012)
Cavewoman: Freakin' Yetis (2016)
Cavewoman: Gangster (2012)
Cavewoman: He Said, She Said (2003)
Cavewoman: Hunt (2010)
Cavewoman: Intervention (2001)
Cavewoman: Journey (2014)
Cavewoman: Jungle Tales (1998)
Cavewoman: Karnival (2014)
Cavewoman: Killing Dinos 101 (2014)
Cavewoman: Killing Dinos 101 Summer Break (2015)
Cavewoman: Labyrinth (2013)
Cavewoman: Lost (2019)
Cavewoman: Meriem's Gallery (2001)
Cavewoman: Missing Link (1997)
Cavewoman: Mutation (2012)
Cavewoman: My Little Dino (2016)
Cavewoman: Natural Selection (2012)
Cavewoman: Oasis (2013)
Cavewoman: Odyssey (1999)
Cavewoman: One-Shot Special (2000)
Cavewoman: Pangaean Sea (1999)
Cavewoman: Prehistoric Pinups (2001)
Cavewoman: Primal (2013)
Cavewoman: Rain (1996)
Cavewoman: Raptor (2002)
Cavewoman: Raptorella (2016)
Cavewoman: Recovery (2015)
Cavewoman: Red Menace (2009)
Cavewoman: Rising (2014)
Cavewoman: Roam (2014)
Cavewoman: Sea Monsters (2013)
Cavewoman: Shattered Time (2016)
Cavewoman: Shorts (2015)
Cavewoman: Sisters of the Arena (2015)
Cavewoman: Snow (2011)
Cavewoman: The 2015 Autumn Convention Book (2015)
Cavewoman: The Many Faces of Meriem (2013)
Cavewoman: The Movie (2003)
Cavewoman: The Return (2015)
Cavewoman: The River Styx (2016)
Cavewoman: The Zombie Situation (2015)
Cavewoman: Toy Story (2010)
Cavewoman: Trouble for Two (2016)
Cavewoman: Uncovered (2013)
Klyde & Meriem (2001)
More Fund Comics (2003)
PUs by Budd (2011)
SPX: Small Press Expo (1997)
The Cave Drawings of Budd Root (2008)
Threshold (1998)
Welcome to the Jungle! (2013)
Women: Selected Drawings & Illustrations (2006)

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