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Real Name:
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After exposure to the Terrigen mists, the Inhuman Mendicus is seemingly trapped in the body of a child, though he has a keen political mind. When acting as ambassador, he was transported by two aides and he was encased in a bubble full of swirling energy. Outside of this bubble, he seemed to tire easily. The extent of his powers is unknown.

At the appointment of Black Bolt, Mendicus and two of his aides, including Elejea, approached the United Nations after a faction of Portuguese mercenaries attacked Attilan's borders. Mendicus got right to the point, pushing past all diplomacy and demanding that the humans be removed immediately. He was met with false promises and excuses of protocol, but still maintained his demands. In time, Mendicus was met by Ambassador McIntyre and Mr. Bixby, who informed him that they had America's support but that America could do nothing. Mendicus met their claims with retorts of his own, but accepted a 'gift' of a statuette of Abe Lincoln, returning it to Attilan, and unaware that inside was a sonic pulse that would open Attilan's gates to attack.

A weary Mendicus returned to Attilan, Elejea at his side, very weary. He reported that, according the surface world's political structure, he was unable to procure their aid or their promise to remove their soldiers. He informed Medusa they were on their own.

Mendicus watched as Maximus the Mad announced he'd kidnapped Medusa, and that the city was in danger of sinking into the ocean.

Mendicus was sent back to the United Nations to seek a resolution, and grew defensive when questioned about the slavery of the Alpha Primitives, the U.N. claiming that the practice was uncivilized.

The political situation resolved itself when Attilan was removed, leaving the humans to think the Inhumans dead.

After four Inhumans (Gorgon, Jolen, Kurani, and Nahrees) were captured in a strike against America for their theft of the Terrigen Crystals, the Inhumans held a council to decide what to do. Mendicus conveyed concerns about the human civilian deaths that had taken place. Crystal and Karnak discussed strategy ideals. Carthus recommended a brutal attack, demanding the return of the Crystals and the prisoners. Triton reminded them that their friends were in danger, and Avia agreed, asking Black Bolt what he would do. Black Bolt dismissed the council to decide what to do, shocking Medusa, Triton, and the others.


First Appearance: None listed.

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Issue Appearances:
Silent War (2007)

Group Affiliation(s):
Inhumans (Marvel)

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