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Real Name: Devros
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Devros was a military genius and high-ranked officer, possesing enough knowledge of Imperial Secrets, that the Supreme Intelligence was willing to kill him rather than have his knowledge fall into enemy hands.

Brood Powers: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability and Agility, he also maintained much of his original personality after being infected, likely due to the fact that he gave himself willingly to the Queen as a Consort.

Kree Powers: Enhanced Human Strength and Durability

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Devros commanded the Montrox Campaign, a battle against an unrevealed enemy. Zen-Pram served under him during that battle, and was enraged by his bigotry and willingness to sacrifice the lives of Pink Kree soldiers "He made little secret of the disgust he felt for we pink-skins, nor his willingness to throw as many of our lives against a problem as it took to get it solved." This callousness led to Zen-Pram's utter hatred of Devros.

(The Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2 (fb) ) - Devros' ship was attacked by a Brood-infested Acanti in the Absalom Sector, his ship managed to slay the great beast, but was forced to crashland on the very world on which the Acanti's corpse came to rest, and he and his crew were captured by the Brood. Devros became enamored with the Brood, their ways, and their Queen, "I had found the one, perfect organism that was my equal.", Devros allowed himself to be transformed into her consort. He then proclaimed himself a "Brood King", and set about plotting to invade the Kree Empire with Brood-infested Kree.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#1 - BTS) - The Kree star ship Pama was sent to locate Devros, and either rescue him, or terminate him to prevent his knowledge from falling into enemy hands. The crew of the Pama included Mar-Vell (the future Captain Marvel) Una, Yon-Rogg and Zen-Pram. Zen-Pram expressed dislike for Devros ("He's a fanatic and a racist, like all Blue-Skins!" - see Comments) while Yon-Rogg praised his military abilities. After battling the Srulls, the Pama encountered the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and Princess Deathbird, who claimed to be chasing a Brood raiding party.

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2) - The crew of the Pama discovered the world where Devros had crashed, and were immediately attacked and captured by the Brood, who took them to the crashed Acanti, and their "King", Devros. The Kree were horrified to learn that not only was Devros now Brood, he had given himself to the Brood completely, and enjoyed his new existence, feeling it was an evolved state of perfection. "But we Kree, are in fact, a stagnant, predatory race - no different from the Brood save in terms of outward finery! With the Royal Brood Embryo gestating within me, I have surpassed evolution's boundaries! I am the perfect synthesis of Blue-Kree military facility and Brood physical prowess...the BROOD KING!" Devros then revealed his plan to conquer the Kree Empire using Brood-Infested Kree, and assume the rule over the Empire.

Devros also revealed that his Queen had infected all of the captured Kree with Brood eggs. At this, Mar-Vell fought his way to freedom, killed the Queen, rescued Una, and fled, leaving the others to their fate. Devros cradled his Brood lover's body in his arms, vowing revenge. " My love...I will soldier on... for you."

(Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#3) - Mar-Vell and Una returned to the Pama for the others, and Mar-Vell killed the newly transformed Brood Zen-Pram, then faced off against Devros while Una worked on a cure. Devros ferociously battled Mar-Vell, but the hero broke his neck in hand-to hand combat, ending his plans of conquest. Mar-Vell then asked the surrounding Brood "Who's Next?" And they parted to let him pass, hissing at him as he went. Mar-Vell briefly proclaimed himself the new "Brood King" but Una had found a cure, and freed him from the Brood. Mar-Vell then rescued Yon-Rogg, and they escaped by jettisoning the Pama's sick bay into space as the vessel exploded due to Mar-Vell's sabotage. The three survivors were later rescued by Deathbird and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.


First Appearance: The Untold Legend of Captain Marvel (1997) #2

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
The Untold Legend of Captain Marvel (1997)

Group Affiliation(s):
Kree (Marvel)

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