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Scatterbrain (Dynamo 5)
Real Name: Gage Reinhart
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Scatterbrain developed the power of telepathy. He uses this power to read minds and to track people down using their thoughts. He has trouble controlling his power, telepathically 'eavesdropping' on people nearby. He is the first member of the Dynamo 5 to evolve his powers. In a battle with Voltage, Scatterbrain was able to blast him with a pure force of psionic energy, knocking Voltage out. Scatterbrain also uses his skills as a football player when fighting foes, usually tackling an enemy.

Gage Reinhart grew up in Eastbridge, Texas. In high school he's a star jock, playing defense on his school's football team. His skills on the field have garnered him several female admirers and the attention of several college scouts. Gage feels out of place in his family due to the very dramatic difference in physique and lack of common interests. Gage has a muscular, tall body while the rest of his family are short and lanky, adding to the idea of his younger brother that Gage is adopted.

It was right after Gage was practicing on the football field that Maddie Warner introduced herself. She informed him that he was the biological son of Captain Dynamo. Through some coercion, Maddie was able to convince Gage to meet up with four other siblings in the similar predicament.

They all met for the first time in the secret base of Captain Dynamo, located in Tower City. It was during this meeting that Maddie irradiated them all, unlocking their super powers. Maddie explained that Tower City needed heroes now that Captain Dynamo had died. The five sibling banded together as Dynamo 5.

Scatterbrain seems to lack concentration when it comes to the serious side of Dynamo 5's work. He often naps when the team gets briefed by Maddie Warner. He tends to speak before he thinks, like in the instance where he mentioned that Scrap was attractive, in which she replied that she was his half-sister. It seems he prefers the action of Dynamo 5 above all else. Gage has learned that his brother, Visionary, was a virgin and has made it his mission to change that.


First Appearance: Dynamo 5 (2007) #1

Other Identities:
Ramjet (Dynamo 5)

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Issue Appearances:
Bomb Queen IV: Suicide Bomber (2007)
Dynamo 5 (2007)
Gemini (2008)
Hack/Slash: The Series (2007)
Image Firsts: Dynamo 5 (2011)
Invincible (2003)

Group Affiliation(s):
Dynamo 5

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