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The Judicator has supreme authority over her fellow Elders and all those who enter into a dispute with them. She can strip away illusions (or return others to their true form) with a blast from her eyes. Based on Caretaker's request for aid, it would appear that the Judicator had some degree of energy manipulation power.

As an Elder of the Universe, the Judicator is immune to aging and conventional disease. She is apparently able to survive and navigate in the vacuum of space without assistance. She also possesses the ability to teleport. As she has dedicated her entire existence to the arbitration of rights to possession, etc., she may possess abilities to examine matter and energy that are as yet unrevealed. She likely possesses vast knowledge from her millennia of exploration. Her physical abilities are undefined.

When Quasar lost his Quantum Bands during the Infinity War, Origin transported the Bands to itself for safekeeping. This led to a number of Elders, including the Possessor, the Explorer, as well as the Skrull posing as the Contemplator, to seek possession of either or both the cosmic infant or the Quantum Bands.

Quasar learned of the Bands' location and sought to reclaim (kept alive by remnants of the Starbrand energy), but found himself in dispute over their ownership with the Possessor, Explorer, and Contemplator imposter. Quasar began gasping for air as he exhausted the Starbrand's power, but the Judicator merely instructed Quasar that she would hear his petition to approach Origin. Caretaker intervened, saving Quasar's life by allowing him to reclaim the Bands, while Judicator questioned his right to do so. When the Contemplator imposter stole one of the Bands, a struggle between Quasar and the imposter escalated into an imminent energy explosion. Caretaker requested Judicator's aid in protecting Origin from the explosion, but the Judicator replied that it was not her jurisdiction, and she teleported away.

Returning once the threat was past, the Judicator began to question the Contemplator imposter for his uncharacteristic behavior. When Quasar revealed the imposture, the Judicator fired an eyeblast which reverted the imposter to his Skrull form. The Judicator then teleported the imposter away to seek out the true Contemplator to press charges against him and so he would be tried in accordance with cosmic law.

The Judicator attended the Galactic Marathon.

The Judicator was one of a number of beings who traveled to the planet Godthab Omega, presumably drawn there by Glorian. The newly arrived group witnessed the arrival of the Annihilation Wave/Swarm.

The new arrivals' fates are unrevealed, though Glorian eventually wiped out the Annihilation Wave.


First Appearance: Quasar (1989) #47

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Issue Appearances:
Annihilation: Ronan (2006)
Contest of Champions (2015)
History of the Marvel Universe (2019)
Quasar (1989)

Group Affiliation(s):
Elders of the Universe (Marvel)

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