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Halflife (01 - Banca Rech)
Real Name: Banca Rech
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Halflife possesses the ability to age any living being, through touching, halfway to the point that he or she would eventually die of old age. Multiple contact from her will result in death. She can also use this power to dissolve through inorganic matter by touch. She is immune to her own powers, as well as to heat and radiation from other sources. If Halflife is knocked unconscious, the effects of her power vanish.

Halflife slew the entire population of her planet. She was summoned to the planet Earth by Graviton, who wanted her to serve as the "weak force" in the gathering of superhumans he was preparing.

Halflife emerged on Earth at a nuclear power plant in Diablo Canyon. She stepped out of the reactor itself and quickly used her power on all of the men who confronted her. She then met up with Zzzax, and the two of them set off to Los Angeles, where they met with Quantum.

The three villains went on a rampage, attracting the west coast Avengers. Halflife fought Mockingbird, and aged her with her touch. Iron Man attempted to defend Mockingbird, but Halflife's power affected him even through his armor. Finally, Wonder Man attacked Halflife because as an ionic being, he was immune to her power. He knocked her unconscious, thus restoring Iron Man and Mockingbird to normal. However, the Avengers were all then defeated by Graviton himself.

Halflife was determined to plan her "projects of evil" with Graviton and held a conference with him and Quantum. Later, Halflife was meditating when she was interrupted by Greer Nelson, the human identity of Tigra, disguised as one of Graviton's guards. Greer claimed that Quantum wanted to destroy Halflife, and she then told the reverse to Quantum. Halflife and Quantum engaged each other in battle, resulting in a stalemate as Halflife could not age all of Quantum's other selves at once. Graviton came to break the two apart, but they had both released such tremendous energies that it resulted in an explosion that caused Halflife to dissolve into vapor.

Halflife was on her way to rendezvous with Captain Atlas and Dr. Minerva when she was apprehended by Quasar, who was in the process of rounding up all rogue extraterrestrials on Earth. Although she managed to dissolve his quantum constructs used to hold her, he was able to bind her by tying her up with her own boots, which she could not dissolve through. He then turned her over to the Vault.

When Sidewinder broke into the Vault to rescue King Cobra, he encountered Halflife within an energy sphere. He asked for directions to King Cobra, and she replied that she would help him if he freed her. He realized that she was lying, and departed just as a Guardsman arrived.


First Appearance: West Coast Avengers (1985) #12

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Issue Appearances:
Captain America (1968)
Quasar (1989)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1989)
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition (1990)
West Coast Avengers (1985)

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