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Jolen (Marvel)
Real Name: Jolen
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Due to his race, he is gifted with a number of abilities in addition to that of a normal human. Included in these abilities is an above-average lifespan, 150 years average, physical strength and speed greater than that of a peak-condition human athlete, Above-average reflexes, and above-average endurance.

After passing though the Terrigen mists(a type of mutation device), he is granted plant-related abilities. Among these are the ability to control plants with his mind, grow plants by linking with them, and transform into a plant himself. He is also able to use plants as a means of travel by shrinking, then traveling through the plant's root system. He is also sometimes shown recovering from fatal wounds by transforming into a plant and letting the wound heal.

No background history is known about the Jolen, except that he is an Inhuman. In his first appearance, he is seen passing through the Terrigen Mist, and gaining his superhuman abilities. He is then selected alongside a number of other youth to be sent to earth on a sort of foreign exchange program. He adjusts quickly to the conditions of earth, but appears to have trouble understanding the nature of his peers, often overreacting to them.

After hearing from one of his friends that Nahrees, a former love-interest, has been captured by Mister Chase, he quickly drives to Chicago, where she is being held prisoner. Jolen confronts Mister Chase, a hired hitman, and is shot in the head. After a bit of scuffle, Jolen revives, and uses a root to murder the hitman. From here, Jolen appears to take a darker moral path, threatening and killing several other people.

In response to a report of Terrigen crystals in New Your City, Jolen is assembled with a team, and leads an assault on the reported owner of the crystals. During the assault, the team is confronted by the Fantastic Four(, and quickly defeated. The Fantastic Four turned the Inhuman team over to the Office of National Security(ONE), where they were detained.

After being freed by Mala The Diviner and Dewoz, they retrieve the Terrigen crystals, as well as capture the holder of the crystals, Dr. Cartwrite. Having accomplished their mission, they return to their moon base.


First Appearance: Inhumans (2003) #2

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Issue Appearances:
Inhumans (2003)
Silent War (2007)
Son of M (2006)

Group Affiliation(s):
Inhumans (Marvel)

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