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Prime (Ultraverse)
Real Name: Kevin Green
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Massive super-strength, speed, ability to fly, near invulnerability & the ability to release energy as a concussive blast.

Kevin transforms into Prime by projecting an organic 'liquid flesh' material from his torso. The liquid flesh then shapes itself into a large man with overdeveloped muscles, towering over seven feet tall and weighing close to four hundred pounds. Prime can revert back to his teenage form by destabilizing the body into a mess of protein goo, either consciously or when his Prime-body's energy reserves run out. When this happens, Kevin must pull himself out of the body's remains or risk suffocating from lack of oxygen.

As Prime, Kevin possesses tremendous strength with unknown limits and has once lifted an entire outdoor gym with relative ease. His durability is also nigh immeasurable having survived a close proximity explosion of several nuclear warheads. Prime can also take to flight at a Mach-level of velocity. Although all of Prime's powers are modeled after traditional superhero powers, these limitations are defined mostly by Kevin's subconscious aspirations.

In fact, it is frequently suggested that the appearance of the Prime-body is formed mostly by Kevin's subconscious. Many of the features of the Prime-body are taken from Kevin's role models such as action stars and comic book superheroes. Another Ultraverse character who shares a similar origin, Elven is a fan of Elfquest comics and creates a body for herself that is a mishmash of various Tolkienesque fantasy elements. The face of Prime also bears a striking resemblance to Kevin's own father, Russell Green.

In effect the Prime-body reflects Kevin's own attitudes towards heroism at any given moment. As such, Prime's physical appearance has changed numerous times. Common elements exist among the different Prime-bodies though, such as a stylized 'P' resting somewhere on his chest or cape and some metallic adornment such as chains or gauntlets. Some of his forms include:

First Prime - A Prime-body obviously inspired by comic book superheroes, as well as local bodybuilders from Kevin's home state. As the first Prime-body, it defines the visual template for the other Prime-bodies. The body possesses extremely developed muscles and prominent veins. The costume is made up of a large red cape, red pants, gold gauntlets, calfguards and chestplate and features the trademark stylized 'P' on both the cape and the chestplate.
Space Prime - A Prime-body meant to withstand to harsh conditions of outer space. This design was force fed into Kevin's subconscious by military scientists working for Colonel Samuels. The epidermal layer has been transformed into a hardened shell resembling some kind of metallic alloy, designed to prevent the body from expanding in the vacuum of space. A set of air-tanks exist in the subdermal layer. The gold gauntlets, calfguard and chestplate remain as well as the 'P' insignia on his chest, but the cape is absent (In the Ultraforce cartoon, it was Contrary who hypnotized him into this form).
Rogue Prime - A Prime-body inspired by rugged individualistic heroes such as the gun-toting antihero Firearm. The body also sports a series of gold chains around the waist, and a set of spiked armbands and headgear. Tattoos and piercings are also notable, as well as a scar on the right eye. The color scheme is radically different, with the 'P' insignia being black on gold, and the vest being dark blue rather than gold and leather gloves replace the gauntlets.
Final Prime - A Prime-body that reconciles the values of Rogue Prime with the inspirations of the First Prime. The visual appearance is closer to that of the First Prime than the Rogue Prime --- cape, gauntlets and all --- but sections of the cape and pants mix blue and red. Hints of the Rogue Prime exist in the form of tattoos, albeit much fewer in number than in the Rogue Prime. There is a slight amount of arm-hair, also a residual element from the Rogue Prime.
Spider-Prime - A Prime-body inspired in part by Spider-Man. When Kevin was trapped in the Marvel Universe, he only had half of his power. When he tried to become "primed up," he became a mass of slime and unable to control himself. When he tried to help Spider-Man fight the Lizard, he changed into Spider-Prime. This form was a smaller version of Prime with a face mask and gave him six arms.

Prime is really a thirteen year-old boy named Kevin Green with the power to transform into a superpowered adult. In this sense, he is much like the Golden Age Captain Marvel. Like the Modern Age version of Captain Marvel, Kevin retains the thoughts, memories and consciousness of his thirteen year-old self as Prime. This is a chief source of conflict for the character as he is frequently placed in adult situations and circumstances he may not be mature enough to deal with.

Prime was a recurring character in the short lived Ultraforce cartoon show, where Hardcase acts as his mentor (as he is the only one in the team who knows that Prime is a teenager), and he constantly bickers with Prototype usually insulting him because his lack of super powers. Prime was one of the action figures produced for Galoob's Ultraforce line

First Appearance: Prime (1993) #1

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Issue Appearances:
Avengers/UltraForce (1995)
Battlezones: Dream Team˛ (1996)
Beavis and Butt-Head (1994)
Beavis und Butt-Head (1994)
Black September (1995)
Break-Thru (1993)
Dream Team (1995)
Elven (1994)
Firearm (1993)
Flood Relief (1994)
Foxfire (1996)
Freex (1993)
Giant Size Freex (1994)
Giant Size Mantra (1994)
Godwheel (1995)
Hardcase (1993)
MAD (1952)
Mantra (1993)
Marvel Annual & Quarterly Reports (1992)
Mutants Vs. Ultras: First Encounters (1995)
normalman-Megaton Man Special (1994)
Power of Prime (1995)
Prime (1993)
Prime (1995)
Prime Month Ashcan (1994)
Prime Vs. The Incredible Hulk (1995)
Prime: Gross and Disgusting (1994)
Prime/Captain America (1996)
Prototype (1993)
Rune (1994)
Sludge (1993)
Superheroes: The Heroic Visions of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell (2000)
The All New Exiles (1995)
The Phoenix Resurrection: Aftermath (1996)
The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis (1995)
The Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations (1995)
The Strangers (1993)
UltraForce (1994)
UltraForce (1995)
UltraForce/Avengers (1995)
UltraForce/Spider-Man (1996)
Ultraverse Double Feature (1995)
Ultraverse Premiere (1993)
Ultraverse: Future Shock (1997)
Wizard Presents: Prime (1994)

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"It's PRIME Time!"

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