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Guardian (Marvel)(03 - James Hudson Clone)
Real Name: James Hudson
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Inducted into a new more secretive Department H, under the auspices of General Clarke. Guardian III believed himself to be the real James Hudson. He had been informed that the reason he was only a 19 year old man was because of a mistake by Department H. He was told that years ago he had been critically injured by a berserk Wolverine. Department H had saved him with the use of technology obtained from the High Evolutionary that turned back time for an individual. The real James Hudson had gotten his battle suit incorporated into his body by Qwrlln race, loosing a great deal of humanity. The younger version was informed that he had come to Department H asking them to turn back time for him with the same technology they had used before in order to regain his humanity, and save his marriage. He was informed that there were complications in the procedure, and the clock got turned back too far, resulting in him being 19. Believing himself to be the real James Hudson, he became the leader of Clarkes new Alpha Flight. This led to friction with his estranged wife Heather, especially as his memories of her were vague and there was some attraction with another Alphan Murmur.

The pressures of leading Alpha Flight and the fact that he sometimes felt that his leadership was being undermined by more experienced members of the team, led to him being a harsh leader during some battle situations. During his tenure with Alpha Flight he fought many foes, including the Zodiac, the Brass Bishop, and Departent H's own power-mad leader, Jeremy Clarke.

When the true {Guardian I|Guardian]] reappeared, the Synthoid/Clone 'Guardian III' accepted his status and became a valued member of a more independent Alpha Flight. Along with Guardian, he was sent on a mission by Department H to ascertain the whereabouts of Garrison Kane. During this mission they were both captured by A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). When Alpha Flight accompanied by Wolverine came to rescue the captives, everyone, but Wolverine was captured. Wolverine mananged to find the two Macs and released them. Guardian III utilised an A.I.M. battlesuit he had hijacked. The battlesuit was badly damaged during the rescue of the other Alphans by Modok the leader of A.I.M.. Unable to extricate himself in time, Guardian III was killed when the battlesuit exploded.


First Appearance: None listed.

Favorite Characters:
Guardian (Marvel)(03 - James Hudson Clone) is a favorite character of 1 user

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Issue Appearances:
Alpha Flight (1997)
Alpha Flight / Inhumans '98 (1998)
Uncanny X-Men (1963)
Wolverine (1988)

Group Affiliation(s):
Alpha Flight (Marvel)

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