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Zorr (Marvel)
Real Name: Zorr
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Zorr possesses superhuman strength, is between 10-12 feet tall, and carries a a large hand held weapon which is capable of projecting powerful concussive force blasts.

Zorr is a Luphomoid, a powerful race of warriors and conquerors.

Zorr's planet was destroyed by Galactus, and only a few of Zorr's race survived due to the fact they were invading another planet at the time.

Zorr's starship ended up in the Tranta System where he encountered Xandar's Nova Corps. He managed to destroy most of Xandar's fleet and began to steal the energy from Xandar to use in his revenge against Galactus. As a last attempt to drive off Zorr, Centurion Nova-Prime Rhomann Dey, attacked Zorr's ship. He was able to drive him off, but not to save Xandar.

Dey constantly followed Zorr from one solar system to the next, always keeping Zorr from achieving his plan to steal enough energy to go up against Galactus.

Zorr was finally able to defeat Dey and traveled to Earth to make it his next target. Here, he encountered Nova, who had just recently received Dey's Nova powers. Dey had been mortally wounded by Zorr and he transferred his powers to a worthy succesor in hopes they would fair better against Zorr than he had. Nova and Zorr seemed to be at a stand still until Zorr mysteriously disappeared in a flash of light with a scream of pain. Dey had locked onto Zorr with his Nova-Prime starship, and transported him aboard. Here he was able to destory Zorr by channeling all of the ship's energy into him.


First Appearance: Nova (1976) #1

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Annihilation Classic (2008)
Marvel Age (1983)
Nova (1976)
The New Warriors (1990)

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