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Mother of Pearl
Real Name: Unrevealed
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Unrevealed if any.

Mother of Pearl is the leader of the Hydra Pearl Sect. The Pearl Sect were once loyal HYDRA agents under Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, but when the organization fragmented after his temporarily death and the east coast branch was restructured by Silvermane under a corporate model, they left in disgust, vowing to make a new HYDRA worthy of Strucker. They found a half-completed A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics, HYDRA's old tech division who later split off to form their own terrorist arms cartel) storehouse built by the Taylor Foundation under an abandoned factory of theirs, and moved in. There they formulated a plan of world-domination through far more subtle means than HYDRA's usual nuke-'em-till-they-glow policies: They'd build a giant mind-control device and train it on the nearby Wall Street, fomenting economic chaos and eventual governmental collapse. They stayed hidden when the New Warriors arrived and set up shop on the upper levels of the factory, but didn't leave because the close proximity to Wall Street was crucial to their plans. For a couple of years the Warriors never even suspected their existence, though a couple of their associates at the Taylor Foundation guessed at what the factory had been intended for. During that time, they put their plot into practice, while keeping an eye on the superhero kids upstairs.

Hindsight of The New Warriors was finally able to open the door to the lower level that Hydra Pearl Sect operated in. As he did, he was greeted by numerous Hydra agents holding guns at his head. He was taken prisoner by the agents.

On the upper levels of the Warrior's crash pad, three Avengers, Black Widow, Hercules and The Vision had broken into the crash pad to question the Warriors about their comm-badges which were paid for by The Avengers with-out their knowledge. When Turbo of The New Warriors used the pad's computer system to locate Hindsight, as he was the one who gave the comm-badges to the Warriors, it showed he was on the lower levels. Turbo and The Avengers went to the lower levels to find Hindsight, and were ambused by Mother of Pearl and The Hydra Pearl Sect. Mother of Pearl turned their mind-control device on Turbo and The Avengers, disorientating all of them. It was Hindsight in fact, who broke loose from his bonds and turned the mind-control device on Mother of Pearl and The Hydra Pearl Sect, allowing Turbo and The Avengers for an easy victory.


First Appearance: The New Warriors (1990) #72

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Issue Appearances:
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
The New Warriors (1990)

Group Affiliation(s):
Hydra (Marvel)

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