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Leaper Logan
Real Name: Logan
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None. Logan wears spring-loaded boots that allow him to leap great distances. He also has suction pads in his gloves allowing him to cling to walls and such.

Low-level foe of Speedball.

Logan was a criminal who was arrested and ended up in the Springdale Maximum Security Prision. He spent his years in prision building a jumping platform. He used the device to leap over the wall and escape. Once free, he built the new devices he now employs in his criminal career.

Logan decided the best way to name himself, was to spell out his name with the first letter of all the items he planned on stealing. First he stole gold from the Lodestone Gold Company for "L", then he stole earrings from a wealthy woman named Mrs. Ellison for "E", then he stole a copy of Amazing Comics #1 for "A", then he stole the Punjab Pendant from Robbie Baldwin's (Speedball) mother for "P", then he stole the Ebar Emerald for "E". At this point, Speedball was able to figure out what Logan was doing, and was on the scene when he tried to steal some rare Roman comics. The two fought, and Speedball knocked Logan into the same cop that originally arrested him and put him in prison years ago, Officer Burnatt. Burnatt once again returned Logan to prison.

He was later broken out of prison alongside seven other of Speedball's earliest foes by Clyde, a man who planned to go by the name Rebound once he was able to give himself Speedball's powers. Clyde was a self proclaimed "Criminal Genuis". They planned to capture Niels the Cat who had been given the same powers as Speedball during the accident that transformed Robbie Baldwin into Speedball. It was through Niels that Clyde planned on gaining his powers. Speedball defeated eight of his foes with very little trouble.


First Appearance: Speedball (1988) #3

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Issue Appearances:
Speedball (1988)
The New Warriors (1990)

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