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The Doctor (Doctor Who)(?? - Future)
Real Name:
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This Doctor appeared in a single adventure in 1991. He was a future incarnation to the Seventh Doctor, whom he happened to meet at a birthday party for his (their?) friend, Bonjaxx.

This Doctor should not be regarded too seriously as a "real" future incarnation of the Doctor. His only appearance is in a story set at the center of the space-time continuum where all possible time lines converge. Though regarded as a future Doctor by the Seventh Doctor, in fact he could just as easily be a past incarnation of the Doctor from a different time line. He's perhaps best regarded as an incarnation of himself with whom the Seventh Doctor from "our" time line isn't familiar.
This Doctor is sometimes referred to as the "Nth" Doctor. He looks exactly like the character referred to in this database as The Doctor (09) Alternate-A, because he, too, was modelled on Nicholas Briggs. However, there is no narrative link between the two. This character appeared in what appear to be entirely "elseworld" (or, to put it in Doctor Who terms, Unbound) circumstances. He was actually the Doctor, but from a different time line, not connected with the mainstream Doctor Who universe.

In fact, this Doctor has an audio heritage. He is said to be the same incarnation played by Briggs in a series of unofficial audios, produced by the company which would become Big Finish Productions. After Big Finish acquired the license from the BBC to produce Doctor Who audios, this version of the Doctor quietly disappeared.

The later "Alternate Ninth" Doctor did appear in the "real" (i.e., BBC-sanctioned) Doctor Who universe, but was actually a different character, Shayde, in disguise.

First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine (1979) #173

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Issue Appearances:
Doctor Who Magazine (1979)

Group Affiliation(s):
Time Lords and Gallifreyans

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