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Sparrow (Marvel)(01-Air Force)
Real Name: Unrevealed
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Sparrow wore an exoskeleton which allowed her to fly and which had wings that doubled as weapons. The exoskeleton enhanced her strength to super-human levels, enough to allow her to physically confront Nova (Richard Rider).

Originally a member of the super-villain group known as Air Force (consisting originally of Cardinal, Killer Shrike, Sparrow and Tanager and would later include Oriole), Sparrow was part of a prison break-out scheme to free Cardinal, sanctioned by a behind the scenes group known as Air Command. Once Air Force had successfully freed Cardinal, Air Command sent them on a second mission: to eliminate The New Warriors.

Tracking down the energy signature of the Torpedo suit worn by both Turbo's, Air Force confronted Nova, Turbo I and Turbo II in the middle of a training session for the Turbo's. Through teammwork, the three New Warriors managed to defeat Air Force.

Later hired by Gloria Hancock, Air Force was sent on a mission of revenge against The Taylor Foundation's board of directors for turning down Hancock to use her airport facilities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Not realizing that Dwayne Taylor was indeed Night Thrasher, Air Force boarded The Taylor Foundation's Learjet and was soon defeated by Night Thrasher.

Having a change of heart at this point, Cardinal decided to help out refugee camps in Africa by delivering much needed supplies to them.

It was in Africa that Air Force was attacked by a group of mind-controlled super-humans known as The Soldiers of Misfortune. Despite their best efforts to fight off the Soldiers of Misfortune, both Tanager and Oriole were killed while Cardinal was badly wounded. Sparrow was kidnapped by the Soldiers and later brainwashed by Protocol, the leader of a terrorist organization called The Undertow, who employed The Soldiers of Misfortune.

Sparrow was given the codename Fast and was teamed with Hard (a brainwashed Kymaera of The New Warriors) in The Soliders of Misfortune.

After numerous attempts by The New Warriors and Cardinal, Kymaera was finally freed from the mind control of The Undertow, but Sparrow was left behind. She is still presumably with this group to this day.


First Appearance: The New Warriors (1990) #35

Other Identities:

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Issue Appearances:
Night Thrasher (1993)
The New Warriors (1990)

Group Affiliation(s):
Air Force (Marvel)(Mercenaries)

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